Friday, October 12, 2007

Traditional painting dump

When I was carrying this painting around I think I managed to freak some people out, so I guess I was able to convey 1/10 of the beauty of the original painting. I will clarify here, that this is only a master copy, called Green Mirror, by Z.S. Liang, a very amazing painter. No stress people :) Keeping the proportion right with a large painting was definitely challenging. I will try to fix the legs when the day comes.

A still life. Color adjusted (finally).


zeo-x said...

I absolutely love how your mastercopy turned out. Gotta watch you paint more often. Huhu. Anyway, can't you do anything about the quality of your still life? Want me to use my uber camera to take a shot? haha.

Konstantin Pogorelov said...

wow thats a badass painting!

demhar said...

the master copy is wonderful. great job carguin.