Saturday, November 3, 2007


*"Penwork" hurts eyes - deleted*

Long pose from Henry's workshop. Made the leg a little too dark :( And got a nice FLARE there. Whatever. Too lazy to fix it.

Eye-shadowed Nick:

A more "finished" piece:
Finally, I'll leave you with this "proverb" that I loved and wrote down from a game I was playing. For the longest time I thought I lost it, but found it just recently. To avoid this from happening again and to share it with you all, I'm saving it online.


Ken's translation: Don't avoid something because it's unpleasant; rather, face it head on.


DerMidlet said...

wooooow that second Medusa one is awesome, I also like the long pose from henry's, the dark leg doesn't look bad, just looks like that's your focal point. Good stuff all around :D

Helen said...

Awesome. I love the medusa series and the technique you used.

Whatever man, Joko is just going by his heightened expectations of you, and dumbases like _BLANK_ keep on raising the damn curve.

Mike S said...

yea its an intimidating class this time, i really liked what you did with these the last two are especially nice.. didnt even realise u used painter.. cheater!

nicholasorsi said...

that noahs arch re-do is clean.. portrait of me came out nice too...teachers pet.

Ken said...

I like the 4th one, nice line drawing (^^


here is a translation for the proverb:

Don't avoid something because it's unpleasant; rather, face it head on.

(I had some help with this though (^^;)

emerson said...

I'm going to kill you next monday for removing the awesome penworks.