Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matte painting and oil quick study

Here's my matte painting midterm. The clip is 90 MB and it's not extraordinary so I'm only posting the stills. Making images fit together is actually MUCH HARDER than I thought!! This one is the final version after a lab tech advised me that my clouds were too muddy. I did do some painting in this one and realized matte painting does require strong painting ability to be able to master.
After I composited everything I actually end up liking my old but "muddy" version (no offense to the lab tech he was very helpful). So I decided to show it anyway.

And here's the original plate.


Anonymous said...
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MAXER said...

Great painting!!
I am proud of you.
I like the last oil painting!!

Marco kunardi said...

hey hey, lookie here! nice painting,u learn a lot from zhaoming class eh? zhaoming "sucks" ( I Love HIMMMMM)

carguin said...

Hm I just removed the painting, because it doesn't look good anymore. Sorry guys, but thanks for the kind words :)