Sunday, June 1, 2008


Posted for Eddy. Assuming the friendly people at Udon didn't make a mistake or accidently forget to put it in, this illustration will show up in their Street Fighter Tribute book this summer (June-July? At Comicon...)


Emil said...

Amazing blog Carmen!
You have an unbelievably great skill in painting!!!

Janet Ji Song said...

I finally went to the Spring Show today with Jerry, Eddie and Kelly (don't know if you know Kelly). I saw some of you stuff up there! "HEY! It's Carmen's stuff! Hey guys! Carmen's work!"

Emil said...

Response from my blog:

Hell No Carmen!! are NOT falling behind anyone!! and I'm not even trying to be nice.

I didn't choose an architectural firm over you guys, I've been working for them for quite several months prior to you guys and they really need me right now because their one and only office manager is leaving to have a baby and I'm the only one who can take her place there.

But you guys have a lot going on and I'll be very honored to stop by and visit!

MAXER said...

WoW Good composition.
I remember street fight 3 game which is amazing.
I am sorry. I have not anwser your calling.
I wanna you to go the gnomom workshop it would be great help you.
have a good day if you have a time just call me..

Jason said...

Carmen. You make me wanna play Street Fighter III (Yun's a bad-ass). And, big-time congrats on getting into the Udon contest :)