Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dark stuff

I didn't realize how dark my characters always are until I posted this against my other work on this blog. Hmmmm... I'll paint something brighter next time. I haven't updated in while. I've always thought a brush set to opacity - pen pressure is very hard to control. But after looking at a lot of paintings, and made a new brush, I experimented with it and I think I've come up with something new!


Tom Scholes said...

Hey! You updated!
I like this guy and I think it shows a lot of progress :)

MAXER said...

WoW You updated!
I waited your art long time~
good job~! i wanna see finish work!

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

now I'm going to have nightmares.. esp., thinking of what is going on in the mind of CArmen! ( i speak da' trufe!) ;-) - k

Emerson said...

you keep getting better by the day, man. keep it up yo :D