Monday, September 22, 2008


A combination of what I deem horrifying:

1) Legion from Castlevania - the most disturbing concept on earth. I hate this boss. I'm honestly disturbed every time I see it, its disturbance is equivalent to cockroaches.
2) Pregnant monster - quoting Ryan Lang
3) Going bald


Tom Scholes said...

Aieeeee, creepy.
I like how you put my name on your blogroll :( haha

LokmanLam said...


MAXER said...

Good job!!! I like the blue color~ which makes good mood. How about the your job? Have a good day~

Emerson said...

WOOO.. Carmen's on a roll! I went to Youtube to search up this Legion you were talking about. Pretty cool concept if you ask me. but yeah,it is quite freaky. Really cool though.

carissa said...

that's one cool painting carmen! i love the mood and the choice of color! I can really feel the creepiness and her face is nicely done! great job!