Wednesday, November 4, 2009

End of daylight saving update!!

Wow! Can't believe I didn't update until the next time the time changes!! 8 months... sigh. I'm prepared that nobody would see this post for a while. Unfortunately personal stuff is still in the works. I'll post as soon as they are finished. The reason why I have materials to post is because this featurette video is recently available on youtube!

The following are screenshots of matte paintings I worked on for A Christmas Carol!

Did most of the closeup store fronts, as well as embellishing the streets. Scene setup by Glenn Cotter, and art directed by Brian Flora + Doug Chiang.

Supported Chris Stoski for these paintings (the entire forest fly through sequence!!) I was able to contribute paintings for the sky (some pieces of clouds, hehe), forest junk (leaves and the likes on the snow floor), a few backgrounds + all the lakes!!! Watch out for them :) I'm the most proud of them. This was an extremely challenging sequence.

Then this part is where I'm most proud of since I received the most minimal amount of help. Lighting setup + art directed by Chris Stoski and Doug Chiang. (Can't see much here... but there's more stuff if you watch the animation!)
These compressed images really do the art no justice. See it in its full glory in 3D at the theater (shameless plug!) It's a good film~~~~~~ (plug ends)... It was heart-warming to see all the late nights and team effort pay off. Go matte department! If you guys get a chance, go see the film :D

Finally, congrats to Siren! I was fortunate enough to be one of the owners of the "first edition". Awesome stuff... wish the stories could be longer so there's more room for you to expand your creativity. Anyway...

I'm not dead. Good to know, right?

Update when there's more stuff to show :) Happy November!


Matthew Scheuerman said...

Congrats! Seriously awesome work. The foreground stuff is really stunning.

Kudos to you for getting to work alongside Brian Flora, Douglas Chiang, and Chris Stoski!

Em said...

good to see you're still alive , carmen. and kicking ass as usual. now i can brag my friend worked on that film. lol.

carissa said...

Really awesome work Carmen, your sleepless nights paid off! Can't wait to see the movie!

And thanks for the siren plug haha!

Brian Yam said...

Great stuff. I saw the film last week. Really nice sets! Congrats!

Daarken said...

ooooooo congrats!

LokmanLam said...


Gerald Chong said...

holy crap

amazing job, carmen!

Mauricio Jácome Perigüeza said...