Saturday, December 1, 2007

Absolute WIP!!!

These will be better. But here are some WIPs. It isn't an excuse to why my work isn't better, but you can tell how much a printer can screw over everything.


Mike Stanislavsky said...

haha revenge 1st post fever showdown party go! damn u had lots of fun with these and the feeling in them is great, although it sucks that you are such a dork;) seriusly i am very humbled by how strong you are getting, ,damn u

emerson said...

the battle scene is awesomely sick.him whacking people with a giant uhm.. thumbler.. thing. spent the most time on that one i bet.

oh and this is a compulsory comment: jerk.

nicholasorsi said...

dopes.. put up the heads n hands drawing.